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About US

Who We Are?

Founded in 2012, Megaify Software is a leading provider of software solutions for personal computers. We researches and develops innovative software to clean, repair and optimize computers. DriverToolkit is our primary software package, Based on 5 years development working on Superlink Driver Match Technology, Our research indicates that technology is unique and offers significant advantage over available softwares.

Our Mission

Make computers easier for everyone to use.

In a modern computer world of today, we use our computers for work, learning and entertainment. Sometimes the computers may have issues but not everyone can solve them as a computer expert. That's why we developed DriverToolkit, to help our users to download and update the latest official drivers automatically, to make they computers run faster and smoother.

Our Vision

Better software makes better digital life for everyone in the world. We will continue to focus on improving the quality of software and delivering user satisfaction without compromise.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about DriverToolkit, please contact US. Our email address is support@drivertoolkit.com.